Frequently asked questions

What is the eligibility criteria?

Students in the age group of 12 to 17 years (regardless of their classes) are eligible to take part in WST-2020.

When will it be conducted?

WST-2020 will be conducted on 21 and 22 November. Note - It will be live according to the prescribed time slots.

When will the results be announced?

WST-2020 results will be announced on 29 November, sunday at 12:00 p.m. (I.S.T)

How much marks do i need to score to get the cash scholarship?

The Cash scholarship would be awarded on the basis of WST-2020 rank. The Top 5 performers would be awarded with cash scholarships. NOTE - Do your best and hope for best to get the WOW!!! cash scholarship.

How many books could I choose, If I stand such a chance?

The eligible performers would be asked to select 1 book of their choice. Note - Terms & Conditions apply.

Is it class specific?

No, WST-2020 is not class specific. It is open for age group 12-17 years. Note - It is based on mathemtical calculations and logical reasoning which can be easily solved by you.

Will all the students be given the same test paper?

Yes, test paper will absoutely be same for all the participants.

Can I use a calculator to solve the test paper?

No, we won,t reccommed you to use a calculator to solve the test paper. Note - WST-2020 test paper is designed in a way that using a calculator or cheating anyway won,t help to win the test.

Who should I contact if i have a query?

Please do not worry. Etheir you can mail us your queries at or you can choose a call back option. Note - If you become a paticipant then our team will contact you on your registered mobile number.

What is the exam pattern?

Exam pattern for WST-2020 is- Mode - Online. Type - Objective. Total Questions - 50 questions. Marks per correct question - 2 marks. Total marks - 100 marks Negative marking - No. Time per question - 10 seconds. Total Duration - 7 minutes (420 sec).

How can you contact us?

1. Click on Contact menu bar in the header. 2. Choose a contact method and then fill the required details. 3. You will receive a call or a reply as per your chosen method within 48 hours. Note - Patience is the key to success.

How do i select a slot?

There are 5 different slots to attempt WST-2020. You could choose the right slot as per your convenience and ease. Note - You can attempt WST-2020 only once. Do not try to attempt it again.

Where and How will i able to attempt it?

Participants will be able to attempt WST-2020 from their phone, tablet, laptop or computer, etc. 1. First, you must REGISTER for WST-2020. 2. Second, Login in into our website with your provided credentials. 3. Third, Click on Start WST Now button to give it in your chosen slot.

How will i see my results?

Results will be mailed on your registered Email-ID on the specified date, respectively.

How can my brother or sister register for it?

Your brother or sister can register from different phones or with different Email-ID,s from same phone. Note - You cannot register more than one with same Email-ID.

What if someone searchs answers online?

The WST-2020 is designed in a way that searching or any kind of cheating won,t help you win the test. Note - WST-2020 is a time bound test which makes it difficult to cheat.

Can i give it from multiple devices?

No, absolutely not. You will not be able to give WST-2020 from multiple devices. Note - WST-2020 is a one attempt test i.e. you can only attempt it once with same registered Email-ID.

What if i get late due to some reason?

Don,t worry each slot will be live for 30 minutes and you can easily give WST-2020 in any slot.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

  • All cash scholarships and prizes will be delivered within 15 days or more of final result announcement day.
  • Each winner could choose a book under Rs.300 only.
  • Amazon-prime membership will be given on your registered Email-ID.
  • It will taken back in case you try to use it from more than 1 Email-ID.
  • Any type of cheatings will lead to disqualifications.
  • Double or more attempts will lead to disqualifications.
  • Winners will be decided on the basis of performance in WST-2020.
  • Here, Cash scholarship does not mean currency notes in hand.
  • The scholarship is the money transferred to your bank account which you can use whenever you want.
  • We have sole right on all decisions and you must abide them.

What is the Registration Fee?

The registration fee is Rs.149/- But there is a discount of 30% till the end of registrations. So, Hurry Up!, Speed Up! and Be Quick! to REGISTER for WST-2020 before the registration ends. Now, WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY IS JUST Rs.98/- Remember - "If you want to gain something , first you have to invest something"

Is there any physical centre?

No, WST-2020 is fully online. There is no physical centre for it. You can give WST-2020 from any internet device like phone, laptops and computers.

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